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Author page: Irina Vert

Planning Your Dream Wedding? Here Are 10 Key Questions for Your Florist Consultation!

Engaging a wedding florist is a crucial step in turning your dream wedding into a reality. To ensure everything aligns seamlessly, here are some key questions to ask during your florist consultation:


  1. Is my wedding date available?
  2. Can I see a sample of your work?
  3. What is your design style?
  4. Can you work within my budget?
  5. What flowers are in season during my wedding?
  6. Have you done events before at my ceremony/reception venue?
  7. How do you handle delivery and setup
  8. What is your cancellation policy
  9. What is the timeline for selection and finalizing floral arrangements?
  10. Can you create custom design based on your preferences and theme?

Your wedding florist plays a pivotal role in creating a magical atmosphere on your big day. Make sure to ask these questions to find the perfect match for your vision!

2024: The Colour of the Year is “Peach Fuzz”

2024: The Colour of the Year is “Peach Fuzz”

This gentle and inviting tone is more than just a color; it’s a statement, symbolizing the aspiration to cultivate kindness, compassion, and connection in every aspect of our lives. ‘Peach Fuzz’ brings with it a soft and heartfelt ambiance, enveloping us in profound coziness and guiding us towards a tranquil and harmonious future.

For those embarking on the beautiful journey of marriage in 2024, the choice of ‘Peach Fuzz’ as the color of the year couldn’t be more perfect. As the owner and designer at Dancing Florista, I am thrilled to share my excitement about incorporating this exquisite hue into bridal bouquets, arches, and table decor for the upcoming weddings.

The significance of ‘Peach Fuzz’ aligns seamlessly with the essence of weddings—celebrating love, fostering connection, and creating an atmosphere of comfort and joy. It is a color that not only complements the joyous occasion but also adds a touch of sophistication and elegance.

Creating bridal bouquets in ‘Peach Fuzz’ allows me to infuse these creations with the same warmth and compassion that this color represents. The soft and heartfelt tones will undoubtedly enhance the beauty of the ceremony, symbolizing the couple’s journey ahead.

Additionally, envisioning arches and table decor in this enchanting color scheme fills me with a sense of creativity and inspiration. ‘Peach Fuzz’ can transform any venue into a haven of tranquility, fostering an atmosphere where connections are celebrated, and love is at the forefront.

As we welcome engaged couples into the world of matrimony in the coming year, I am excited to be a part of their special day by incorporating ‘Peach Fuzz’ into my designs. Together, we can create weddings that not only dazzle the eyes but also touch the heart, symbolizing the love, kindness, and unity that are the foundations of a blissful union.

Here’s to a year filled with love, connection, and the radiant warmth of ‘Peach Fuzz’.